Direct HIL Injection of Raw and/or Synthetic Data

Direct HIL Injection diagram

Development and validation of autonomous vehicles and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are extremely demanding processes that include real-life road testing and exhaustive laboratory-conducted simulations. While real-world road testing is the ultimate step before releasing an automotive product, many companies tend to replace it as much as possible with realistic software and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulations, which are less costly, offer greater controllability, and generally improve test quality and validation coverage.

The logiRECORDER Automotive HIL Video Logger is capable of playing back realistically restored recorded sessions, while simultaneously and optionally recording the Device under Test’s (DUT) responses.

The logiRECORDER playbacks automotive sensory data in its original form and connects directly to DUT’s through native automotive interfaces. Playback data is electrically and logically formatted to fully correspond with the requirements of internal busses of an operational vehicle driving along the road. In this way, the logiRECORDER efficiently replicates the complete test-vehicle’s multi-camera video system and in-vehicle data busses on a developer’s desk.

The logiRECORDER Automotive HIL Video Logger can also inject synthetically generated automotive sensory data. In cooperation with prominent providers of software simulation platforms, Xylon has developed software plug-ins that fetch simulated data and record it in MDF4 data formats, which are suitable for HIL data injection.


logiRECORDER Main Operation Modes (EN)

logiRECORDER Main Operation Modes (JP)

logiRECORDER 3.2 Brochure (EN)

logiRECORDER 3.2 Brochure (CN)

logiRECORDER 3.2 Brochure (JP)

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