Automotive World Tokyo


15th Automotive World 2023 starts this week in Tokyo! Our team will be demonstrating Xylon’s demo utilizing the Dynamic Function eXchange (DFX) technology at AMD-Xilinx’s K.K. booth 40-42.

We often write about the DFX technology and get inquiries from people who want to better understand what it enables.

For the basic info, please check out our flyers:
English version
Japanese version

Also, have a look at the clip recording of Marko Vidović, Xylon’s ADAS director explaining the demo. Marko will be in Tokyo and can answer any question you might have at the booth:

Here are a couple of usage examples:

  • Using a small programmable chip to accommodate the logic needed for a specific ADAS application. Xylon shows the swap between a parking assistance 360 camera and driver monitoring
  • Changing HW accelerators in a programmable chip sitting in the data center’s acceleration cards, whether for loading different video encoders/decoders or for inserting a mathematical algorithm that speeds up stock exchange data flow
  • Switching of telecom protocols in all-time-running equipment in communication centers
  • Re-programming of an orbital device to interface newly arrived IO module
  • Etc.

All of that in smaller, less costly and less power-hungry chips! Remember, Xylon offers in-house expertise and full design framework for those who want to develop by themselves.

Learn more about the DFX design framework: