logiRECORDER System Connections

HIL system connections

The logiRECORDER Automotive HIL Video Logger inserts between any type of the real vehicle’s camera installation and ECUs to non-intrusively record Terabytes (TB) of multi-channel uncompressed video and network data with low latency. The device integrates separated video inputs and outputs to avoid constant re-cabling and multiple in-vehicle network connectors.

Video cameras can be initialized and powered either by Electronic Control Units (ECUs), or by the logiRECORDER data logger itself.

The user-friendly logiRECORDER Dashboard application enables hardware configuration, setup of advanced triggers and filters for continuous and event-triggered recordings, parallel playback of video and network data, recorded data manipulation and offline analysis. Aside from the wired Ethernet, the Dashboard can use Wi-Fi for comfortable in-cabin controls of logiRECORDER data loggers placed in a test-vehicle trunk, and the 4G LTE for completely wireless configuration and control of remote test fleets that may be located anywhere in the world.

An optional HDMI monitor enables control display output while recording and during playback. The control video is also available within the logiRECORDER Dashboard application, which enables direct video transfers from the test vehicle driving on the other continent!

SSD SATA drives handling does not require special copying stations. Off-the-shelf SSD drives, which can be purchased independently from Xylon, can be removed and simply plugged in a PC for easy video and network data transfer.

Multiple logiRECORDER units can stack into one logger with more interfaces, data bandwidth and storage space.




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