Xylon in the media: Autonomous Vehicle International Magazine, January 2023 Issue


ADAS and AV embedded electronics systems are made of complex PCBs that challenge the laws of physics, chips that tick in the gigahertz range and interfaces that carry terabytes of data at blazing speeds through a vehicle’s nervous system. This makes non-intrusive data logging of test and diagnostic data, as well as proper ECU stimulation in HIL simulations, extremely challenging. To ensure the coherence of the test and validation process, only minimal or no impact on regular behavior of systems under test is permissible for test tools. In most cases these tools use PC platforms and customized software, which quickly shows deficiencies at a real-time performance level, a lack of appropriate interfaces, and a need for additional electronic boards to complete system integration.

Such limitations can ultimately be overcome by fully customized hardware platforms, which often imply customizations at the chip level. With production costs of customized chips reaching tens of millions of dollars, that hurdle seems too high. Luckily, there is a solution available at an immeasurably lower cost, and it comes in the form of programmable logic FPGA and SoC chips. FPGAs can be designed for specific functionality and manufactured within weeks, or at the latest, months.

Find out more about our solution by clicking on the article below or downloading the PDF version here. You can access the full version of the January 2023 issue of Autonomous Vehicle International Magazine by following the link: https://www.ukimediaevents.com/publication/e55bb1bd/62

Xylon Article in AVI Magazine January 2023