Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Functions & Features

What is the logiRECORDER usually used for?

The logiRECORDER can be used for a wide range of data logging activities; however, it is most commonly used for recording and playback within a HIL environment, as well as recording purposes during test drives.

Apart from recording, what playback features does the logiRECORDER offer?

The logiRECORDER can be used to synchronously play back recordings for analysis, and is also capable of injecting video sessions and BUS communication.
Given that the SSD drives in the logiRECORDER are easily switchable, fast exchange is guaranteed, enabling dynamic analysis of the recording while the test drives continue.

What functionalities does the logiRECORDER SDK offer?

SDK is a set of libraries for Windows or Linux that offer the following main features:
– LR control interface (API)
– Session data extraction (MDF4, asci)
– Video extraction (i.e. Video to AVI)
– Frame extraction (i.e. Time stamps, raw pixel data)

Is it possible to access the logiRECORDER remotely?

Absolutely, through our logiLINX-4G Wireless Vehicle Router any aspect of up to four logiRECORDER data loggers can be managed remotely via any mobile 4G/LTE data network. This enables different test setups and configurations without the need for a physical presence of test engineers.

What bandwidth do you offer?
We offer BroadR, Ethernet and/or Smart Ethernet, depending on the network interface you use and the bandwidth you require.
Is data streaming available for the logiRECORDER?

As a standard, session transfer functionality via Ethernet is supported, allowing the transfer of session data from/to network drives and the logiRECORDER.
However, with the purchase of an Ethernet adapter card for your PC, fast and reliable 10 Gb Ethernet data streaming from/to any remote location is available.

Setup & HW

What HW is commonly used in conjunction with the logiRECORDER?

Most types of cameras used in an automotive environment are supported, as well as a vast array of range detection HW (radars, Lidar etc.).
In order to ensure compatibility with the logiRECORDER, please let us know about the specific HW you intend to use.

What communication protocols does the logiRECORDER support?

The logiRECORDER supports LIN, CAN (FD/HS, LS, Single Wire), FlexRay and UART.
Please let us know your requirements and we will ensure a timely response.

What types of video cameras are supported?
The logiRECORDER supports GMSL, GMSL2, FPDLink, HDMI and Ethernet. It enables accelerated industry popular TAPI processing from smart Ethernet cameras.
If your specific camera is not one of the types mentioned or you are unsure, please let us know and we will answer in due course.
In order to guarantee and ensure the compatibility of your cameras with the logiRECORDER, please provide us with the specific SerDes part number, the resolution, frame rate & pixel format, as well as the number of cameras you intend to use.
How many cameras can you use simultaneously with the logiRECORDER?

You can simultaneously use up to 12 different cameras.

To what extent can I configure the logiRECORDER to fit my requirements?

The logiRECORDER is based on a modular system that can be configured and customized to fit any combination that is required within the interfaces available.

Are the required cables and connectors included with the purchase of the logiRECORDER?

Given the modularity of the logiRECORDER, a matching custom built set of cables and connectors will be provided with the purchase depending on your chosen setup.
Furthermore, as all required cables with the corresponding connectors are produced and crimped in-house, we can fulfill all requirements in this regard.

What type of radars do you currently support?

At the moment we support Aurora radars.
Please indicate if you have any further specific requirements for your data logging as the logiRECORDER is continuously evolving to meet customers’ needs in this regard.

Licenses, Applications & Warranty

What applications and support is provided with the purchase of the logiRECORDER?

The logiRECORDER PC control application Dashboard is provided with the purchase of the logiRECORDER, including support, maintenance and updates to the newest firmware and Dashboard releases within 12 months of shipment of the product.

What additional services and products do you offer in conjunction with the logiRECORDER?

We offer Offline Dashboard licenses (float or seat), SDK, logiLINX-4G for remote access and logiCAMs specifically designed for compatibility with the logiRECORDER.

What licenses do you recommend to purchase in conjunction with the logiRECORDER?

If you plan to use the functions and features of the logiRECORDER without being connected to the logiRECORDER, we recommend you purchase an Offline Dashboard license (float or seat).
Furthermore, if you require an individually customizable user interface that gives you additional functionality on top of the Dashboard application and/or manipulation of recorded data, we recommend purchasing the SDK.

What is the difference between a seat and floating Offline Dashboard license?

While the seat license is bound to a specific PC, the floating license is shared among a larger number of users over time.
If you have a limited amount of specifically assigned test engineers to your respective project, purchasing individual seat licenses will be sufficient.
However, in larger projects several floating licenses can provide you with more flexibility, as it enables multiple engineers to work on the project interchangeably.

In case any issues occur with the logiRECORDER, what are the technical support and warranty options?

Apart from the in-house technical support team which is in close contact with the engineering team, the maintenance licenses to include the newest releases of firmware, Dashboard and SDK can be renewed on a yearly basis. A warranty service especially in regards to HW issues is also available.