LiDAR Data Visualization During Data Logging

LiDAR technology plays a pivotal role in improving object detection and tracking for autonomous driving systems. By supporting data logging and PTP/gPTP synchronization with various off-the-shelf LiDAR sensors, Xylon’s data logging platforms make integration of LiDAR sensors smooth, without the need for costly conversion boxes.

Ensuring sensor reliability is vital in data logging, and Xylon addresses this with support for LiDAR data checks and point cloud visualization*. Users can configure data loggers to perform comprehensive checks on incoming LiDAR data**, promptly identifying any sensor issues.

Depending on the LiDAR make and model, various checks can be performed (e.g. UDP sequence, timestamp accuracy, temperature warnings, and more). These checks help ensure that no data is lost during logging. In case an issue with the sensor does come up, the fix can be applied promptly. This is saving users both time and money.

LiDAR sensors provide high-resolution point cloud data essential for autonomous vehicles to navigate safely and efficiently. The logiRECORDER’s Dashboard application offers real-time LiDAR data visualization during logging, with an adjustable point cloud view for panning, tilting, and zooming.

Xylon continuously listens to its users and is able to adapt to their needs, adding new features to streamline testing processes.

For more information about LiDAR data visualization during data logging, please contact Xylon at

* Feature available on request
** Please contact Xylon for specific checks that are performed for each supported Lidar




XYLON QUATTRO and logiRECORDER 3.5 Brochure (KOR)

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