logiROUTER: Expanded Ethernet Capabilities

local and remote wireless access

To fulfill field requirements of road data harvesting, the logiROUTER expands the logiRECORDER’s Ethernet capabilities and enables up to 16 additional channels that can be configured as standard or automotive (formerly OABR) Ethernet. It enables multiple LIDARs, RADARs and other automotive sensors connections to the logiRECORDER’s 1GbE Ethernet ports for recording and optional on-the-fly data parsing.

Additional Ethernet channels are arranged in groups of four. Each group is connected to one of the logiRECORDER’s 1GbE Smart Ethernet ports and shares the available data throughput.

Each group of ports can be configured as a standard 100BASE-T Ethernet or an automotive 100BASE-T1 (OABR, Open Alliance Broad-R Reach®) Ethernet port. This selection can be simply made by selector switches placed on the back panel. The same selection is valid for all four ports within the same group. Within the group of 100BASE-T1 ports, each port can be further configured either as a Master or a Slave, by mean of the associated selector switch placed below the port.

Please consult Xylon about non-described logiROUTER use case applications. Third-party onboard devices may connect to the logiROUTER to share Internet bandwidth and on-vehicle networking resources. Please be aware that third-party devices may disturb data logging operation and spoil results of the testing process.


logiROUTER Brochure (EN)

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