logiLINX-4G: Combined Wireless Local/Remote Access

local and remote wireless access
Connect the control PC that runs the logiRECORDER Dashboard GUI application to the remote logiLINX-4G Wireless Vehicle Router via mobile data network. Remotely manage any aspect of up to four logiRECORDER Automotive HIL Video Loggers. By using this system’s configuration, test engineers can set up logiRECORDER data loggers differently, in order to collect various test data sets while the logger works in the self-standing mode. For example, the logiRECORDER can be set up to record data while the vehicle runs within the setup geofences and above the specific speed.

While the remote control link can be used by test engineering specialists, the local wireless access point can be used for the local control PC with the logiRECORDER Dashboard, and for direct controls of logiRECORDER data loggers during test drives. For example, test drivers can use the GUI to start/stop data logging, setup markers during the drive, etc.

Please consult Xylon about non-described logiLINX-4G use case applications. Third-party onboard devices may connect to the logiLINX-4G to share Internet bandwidth and on-vehicle networking resources. Please be aware that third-party devices may disturb data logging operation and spoil results of the testing process.


logiLINX-4G Brochure (EN)

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logiRECORDER Main Operation Modes Brochure (EN)

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