Xylon’s New Vehicle Router Brings the Internet to the Vehicle


Zagreb, Croatia, March 30, 2021 – Xylon, an innovator in data logging for testing, verification and validation of video and vision-based advanced driver assistance (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) systems, presented the logiLINX-4G Wireless Vehicle Router, a device that enables remote management of Xylon’s logiRECORDER Automotive HIL Video Loggers deployed in test fleets driving anywhere in the world.

The logiLINX-4G Wireless Vehicle Router brings the internet to the vehicle by a built-in 4G modem for global use, and shares the network access by onboard devices via Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet LAN connections. The router enables skilled test engineers to supervise remote test sites with no need for traveling, to monitor live video streams from the test car, change the loggers’ test configurations or triggering conditions to capture different data sets, etc.

“We provide a simple and highly integrated means for remote management of logiRECORDER Automotive HIL Video Loggers so that our customers can be sure that the field test crew will always get timely support from the test engineering specialists, and that no time will be wasted during expensive road tests,” says Dan Andrus, Xylon’s Vice President of Sales & Business Development in the USA.

Xylon’s standard logiRECORDER Dashboard user interface connects to remote data loggers fully transparently, just as if they were sitting on a test engineer’s desk, and it enables full control of all data loggers’ features. The multi-service logiLINX-4G router enables combined use case scenarios that include occasional remote servicing of a test fleet through 4G/LTE mobile network and comfortable cable-free in-cabin controls, such as video marking, splitting and triggering controls of the data logger placed in a test vehicle’s trunk.

To learn more about the logiLINX-4G Wireless Vehicle Router and supported use cases, please visit https://xylon-lab.com/product/logilinx-4g/.
For more information about Xylon’s data logging and HIL playback solutions, please visit our online catalog: https://xylon-lab.com/products/.

About Xylon
Xylon is an electronics company focused on design of flexible automotive data logging solutions, intellectual property (IP) cores and design services based on programmable FPGA and SoC/MPSoC devices. The company was founded in 1995, and has since then grown into a prominent provider of various solutions in the fields of embedded graphics, video and vision. Xylon is a Premier Member of the Xilinx Alliance Program. More information can be found at www.xylon-lab.com and www.logicbricks.com, Xylon’s official websites.