Data Storage

Data storage diagram

Test fleets around the world diligently collect precious data that is further refined into data sets tailored for different purposes. The collected recordings can be stored on local PC machines or the company’s cloud infrastructure that enables easy data distribution between global organizations. Once collected, such recordings can be injected as heterogeneous multi-channel data into real hardware Electronic Control Units (ECUs) via XYLON QUATTRO and logiRECORDER operating in Smart I/O mode.

Xylon data logging devices use standard off-the-shelf Solid State Drives for local storage. It gives a tremendous freedom to XYLON QUATTRO and logiRECORDER users, since they are not restricted to use Xylon-only customized storage drives. Instead, they are able to purchase recommended drive types on the market and dimension the data storage system to exactly fit their application.

XYLON QUATTRO and logiRECORDER can inject into the ECU raw or synthetic data pre-recordings with no use of internal Solid State Drives. In this mode of operation, recorded sessions are streamed from the PC via 10 GbE Ethernet link. This mode of operation does not require data copying from company’s archives (local, cloud) to logiRECORDER SSDs!

Data storage


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